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Portable Standing Desks

Turn any space into YOUR office

We are all changing our ways of working. The new norm is to work less from a single location but work from different locations.


Working from home, working remotely, working flexible hours, working how we want to, these are the new ways of working.  


At Port@Desk, we understand the need to work from different environments and we can t have a desk or a suitable place of work in all the rooms of our houses.


We offer a unique wooden-made portable desk that you can carry from your kitchen to your bedroom, to your living room. Carry on working wherever you are. 

Bureau Portable.jpg



Work standing up or sitting down in one easy push of the handle

desk feet and wheels
portable desk
adjustable desk
Bureau Portable
Bureau portable pliable
Bureau Portable, plateau amovible

Easy feet to unfold to work standing up

Carry your desk around your work space

Use the wheels to take your desk everywhere you need to work from

Store your desk in small spaces or under your bed or sofa. Ideal for small living spaces.

How it works


You can carry the desks from one room to another. Easy to unfold and unfold, work standing up or sitting down



Our desks are made to last, we are against planned obsolescence.

Our desks are beautiful (at least we think so). You can keep the desk in any of your rooms, no need to fold it

Bureau Portable.jpg



Choose to work standing up or sitting down

Carry your desk easily.

Secured features

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